Sydney Catholic Youth exists to support youth ministry by advocating for the needs of the young people and forming them in their faith. Our mission is to walk with young people towards an ever deeper encounter with Christ, the Church and one another. We achieve this by focusing on two main pillars, Evangelisation and Leadership.

Our mission of Evangelisation is focused on creating and hosting events that bring young people to an encounter with Christ. Whilst our mission of Leadership is focused on equipping our young people with the necessary skills to build a community of intentional discipleship.

Our motto for ministry:

Supporting ministry
Advocating for the needs of young people
Forming young people in their faith
Evangelising a generation

We do this through our key areas:

Parish Youth Ministry

Our primary task is supporting, guiding and building up parish based youth ministry in order for young people to find communities of other young people in their parish and local area. We offer regular formation and support opportunities for parish youth ministry coordinators and those who want to move into youth leadership. We work with priests and parishes to help create, sustain or expand youth ministry at a local level. We also maintain a library of books, programs and audio visual resources which can be borrowed or used by youth leaders.


We recognise that forming and leading young adults is essential to building up a community of missionary disciples. This is done through hosting a number of events some being, Adoration Nights, Upper Room, Households, Trailblazers, Retreats and conferences to ensure that our young adults are experiencing and building community.

We work across parishes and deaneries hosting various spiritual, social and formative events which encourage young people to know that they are not alone. Our events are open to all young people; from those very active in the faith to those who are beginning to explore the Christian message. Some of our hosted and supported events include: EastFest, CityFest, City Silence, Dangerous Theology, Theology on Tap, The Culture Project’s Restore Night and much more. We also put out a monthly What’s Happening newsletter highlighting a range of activities for young people across the Archdiocese and beyond.

We work across all primary and secondary schools in the Archdiocese in conjunction with Sydney Catholic Schools to foster greater communication, formation and support within the schools between teachers, students and the Church as well as connecting students with their parishes and other activities. We also look to host and support more events within the Catholic schools to better engage the young people in their faith.