Youth ministers play an important role in our parishes, schools and communities. They provide guidance, support, empowerment and religious education to young people.

Youth ministry involves an understanding and practice of discipleship, faith, prayer, personal connection, and parish involvement. If you enjoy working with young people, and are passionate about your faith, you may be called to youth ministry.

Depending on the agreement with your supervisor (usually the parish priest), a youth minister role could be volunteer-work or paid, and will require work after-hours or weekends, with the number of hours required per week varying.

To receive training in youth ministry, you may wish to complete some studies in the area attaining a Certificate in Youth Ministry, Ministry or similar. The study of Theology and Biblical Studies is also helpful.

Examples of insitutions that provide relevant education:




Sydney Catholic Youth runs ‘The Upper Room‘, a series of evenings every month, which aims to give young adults an experience of community that is centered in faith in which they can be supported in their mission. See our events to see when the next Upper Room is.


Sydney Catholic Youth runs ‘Trailblazer‘, a series of workshops every quarter of the year, which aims to equip youth leaders with skills they need for youth ministry. The day is filled with discussion and practical application so that youth leaders both new and old can refine their ministry. See our events to see when the next Trailblazer is.