Finding a speaker for your youth/young adults ministry can sometimes be daunting and frustrating. Daunting because you are unsure of how to proceed and frustrating because you may not know where to find a speaker or who to ask in the first place. To ensure you find the right speaker through the right process, here are the following steps you can take:

1. Pray about it

The most important step to finding the right speaker is discerning about what topic you are going to run for your youth/young adults ministry and what you need the speaker to touch upon that reflects their own life. This step is important because the right speaker may not be someone external but rather internal in your leadership group already or you may find that the right speaker is yourself.

2. Speak to your Priest/Team:

Once you have discerned that you need an external speaker, inform your Parish Priest and/or Team what topic you are focusing on and what kind of speaker is needed to execute the formation properly. It is important to speak to your Parish Priest and/or Team, so that they may suggest speakers but as well, if monetary assistance is needed to pay a speaker.

3. Do your research:

Once your Parish Priest and/or Team agrees, it is time to start finding an appropriate speaker. Below are suggestions of speakers that SCY can vouch for but as well, you can reach out to us through our contact information to find more suggestions. Your research needs to take into account the dynamic of your group in relation to the speaker itself. Depending on the audience and topic, the speaker may need to have particular qualities in order for your audience to receive the greatest retention and understanding of the topic given.  Also, it is important to research both volunteer and paid speaker options to get the widest range for your discernment. Sometimes it is better to get a paid speaker for an important topic if you know that they suit the needs of your group effectively.

4. Pick the right speaker for the right job:

Once you have decided upon the speaker, reach out to them via their contact information. A call or face-to-face catch-up is usually the most beneficial in order for you to properly discern not only if the speaker has the right knowledge of the topic but as well, if they have the proper human formation and attitude appropriate to your group. If the speaker is appropriate, ensure that you get into writing the time, date, topic and any other important details to create a paper trail of your agreement. This does not need to be a formal contract, but can be an email sent to the speaker after your discussion with them.

5. Follow-up the Speaker:

After you have confirmed your speaker, make sure you send them a brief/outline of the topic you wish for them to speak on. It is helpful to speakers if you inform them of the audience (age/gender/any other important details), time duration of their talk, where they fit in your overall schedule and any other important information so that they can prepare as effectively as possible.  As your event draws closer, ensure that you send the speaker the timetable of your event as well as the time and location they need to be at.

6. Thanking the Speaker:

Before you celebrate a job well done for your awesome youth/young adults event, it is important to thank your speaker. This can be verbally as well as providing them with a small token of your appreciation. Additionally, send them a thank-you email that outlines your hope to call upon them again if the need arises.


Suggested Speakers List

The Culture Project 

Fire Up Ministries

Youth Mission Team Australia

NET Ministries Australia

For more suggestions:

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