Being part of a youth group and serving young people is an incredibly fun and rewarding experience. It is an opportunity for people with a common love of evangelisation and the Faith to come together, serve and be part of the wider parish community. Youth team will also make new friends and develop their skills in collaboration, communication and leadership.


Here are some example roles. Some might not apply to your youth group but it will help you to start thinking about the different roles that you would like to fill:


FOOD – Think about people who love to cook and be hospitable. What would it look like in a youth group setting?


TECH SUPPORT – Who is a tech-wiz when it comes to setting up audio and visual gear? Who can make sure that it all goes smoothly and/or be accountable for when it doesn’t? Find those people who love to help behind-the-scenes. 


WELCOME TEAM – The greeters and the registration table will be the first thing that your youth see when they walk into your space. Look for people who have a friendly smile and love connecting with people.


SET UP & BRING DOWN – These people are available to come a little bit earlier to help set up the space and/or can stick around to once the youth group has finished, to pack it all up.


DESIGN – Who has the eye for detail and can set up your meeting space in a way that is fun and welcoming? 


MC – This is someone who can host your night. Think of people who don’t mind speaking in front of groups and can make those nervous first time youth goers feel at ease. 


ADMINISTRATOR – Is there someone who loves working behind the scenes with numbers and budgets, and can put down all the details of your youth group event? 


PRAYER TEAM – the MOST important role in your team is people who will pray and intercede for you and your youth as you host the night. Think about people who might not be able to come to every event but will be there with you spiritually. This role can also be the person in charge of leading prayer at your youth group.


SMALL GROUP LEADER – this person is able to keep the conversation rolling in your small groups and makes sure your youth feel comfortable to share openly. They are good listeners, encouragers and sensitive to the needs of others.  



4 Tips for Building a Strong Team


1. Match people with roles they love doing

People enjoy volunteering when their gifts are being used. So find the administrative people and invite them to help with planning. Invite those with the gift of serving and hospitality to be greeters, servers, and registration helpers. Those who love praying can be on the prayer team. There’s a place and a role  for everyone!


2. Spend time training your team

No matter how experienced your youth team might be, there is still room to learn and to refresh old skills. Spending time with your team also ensures that everyone is on the same page and helps to foster the team environment. If you’re needing help with training your team, Sydney Catholic Youth can help!


3.Meet with your team each week

Even if it’s 30 mins before youth group starts, this is the time to share and important information, run through how the event will look, share top tips, answer any questions and PRAY!


4.Get feedback

Debrief each week, preferably after the youth event. Thank your team for their time and share stories of what God did. Spend some time reflecting on the following questions as a team.

  1. Look for something good
  2. What were some difficulties/problems that arose?
    1. Seek the valuable lesson in every set back or difficulty
  3. Look for the solution to the problems: be action-oriented
  4. Learnings for next youth group event




  1. What culture do I want my leadership team to cultivate?
  2. What are the various gifts that my youth leaders have?
  3. How can I continue to challenge my leadership to grow in virtue, in community and as human persons?