There is SO much out there, and we suggest you be creative with using your online platforms to screen share or read together online.

In no particular order, see our 10 resources for formation below:


1.      Ascension Presents

Quality videos presented by great speakers like Fr Mike Schmitz, Matt Fradd, the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, Jackie and Bobby Angel and many more! A wide range of topics available and easy to use in an online youth group setting with screen share options.

Youtube channel here:

Site with videos, articles and podcasts:



Get 40 days free during this COVID-19 lockdown. gives you access to a wide range of faith formation programs, books, movies, documentaries and audio books. You will have access to widely sought after resources such as Symbolon, YDisciple, movies on the life of modern day Saints (such as St John Paul II and St Therese of Liseux), and books by Peter Kreeft, Thomas Dubay, Jeff Cavins and so much more!


3.      Project YM

All things Youth Ministry! A passionate project that exists to support and resource youth ministers all over the world. They understand! Some resources are free, some require payment. Have a look at what might be worth investing in for your youth ministry.


4.      Lifeteen blogs

While Lifeteen programs require payment, there are some super insightful blogs available that can be used for reflection or a source of discussion for your young people. They cover a wide range of topics from Quarantine at Home to Prayer Starter Kit, to Holy Hobbies: Finding God in things you love. At the moment there are 96 pages worth of blogs online! You’ll never run out of things to talk about with your youth.


5.      Lectio Divina – Archdiocese of Sydney

The word of God is alive and active in our lives today – and often young people need help seeing this in their own lives. The Archdiocese of Sydney is currently providing daily Lectio Divina resources for both individual and group use. This is updated each day and can be found here:

There are also other spiritual resources available at this link too!


6.      Alpha Youth

Alpha Youth can now be run online! A series of talks and discussion that aim to introduce people to Christianity in an authentic and welcoming setting. Alpha provides a thorough guide on how to run the program online so you have all the help you need!


7.      Focus Equip App

Focus Equip is an app that gives you access to loads of talks recorded from FOCUS conferences such as Student Leadership Summit (SLS) and SEEK. Also available are Bible Studies and a few programs on Discipleship. All are available free on the ‘Focus Equip’ app.


8.      Word on Fire

Bishop Robert Barron’s Word on Fire resources are varied and available online. Available are online videos, homilies, articles, lectures, blogs, podcasts and more. Most of these are free, with a fee for some of his bible study programs or study kits. Great for theological formation or going deeper into the faith. then click on the Resources tab at the top.


9.      Live talks

Invite a priest, religious or speaker to your online youth group to give a live talk! You could also set up a Q&A so your young people have a space to ask questions. Get in touch with SCY if you would like contacts for speakers on specific topics.


10.  Parousia Media

An online platform for evangelisation, formation and leadership. Catholic video and audio content from speakers around the world. If you have the funds to invest in a solid resource, SCY recommends looking into ‘You: Life, Love and the Theology of the Body’, a life-changing experience for teenagers that explores the truth of who they are. ‘Chosen: This is your Catholic Faith’ is another resource aimed at helping teenagers explore the riches of our faith.