Playing a fun game to break the ice before delving deep into a youth group meeting is often the key ingredient to making sure we get the most out of it. The game should never be an afterthought &
should be seen as one of the important first steps in the recipe to a well-rounded youth meeting.


Breaking the ice for an online meeting is even more important, as people try to transition their headspace from home to your youth meeting.


Here are 5 (and counting!) games you can play on screen:

  1. Youth Ministry Game Pass 

    for $5 a month, Project YM sends you a new screen game every Monday for you to download and play at your online youth group. (A free 7 day pass is available too!) …. Have a look at the types of games you can download here


  1. Scavenger hunt 

    give them a list of 10 things they need to find around the house. Eg. a stuffed animal, a book starting with S or T, a photo frame, something red, a CD, a holiday decoration. First person back to the screen wins. Spend time having everyone share each item they found for every category.


  1. Kahoot 

    Use to run an online quiz for your youth. You can find a quiz already made online, or create your own! If using Zoom, the host can share their screen to all the participants while they input their answers on a separate device. An fun interactive game with live leader boards and scores to keep everyone on their toes to get the right answer… and fast!


  1. Reverse charades 

    Have some words/phrases the youth can act out and have 1 person trying to guess. You can also play in teams too. Have the guesser close their eyes when you show the group the word/ phrase.

  1. Scattergories 

    Use this site to play a game or two of the classic, scattegories! All players need is a pen and paper. Alternatively, you can have young people type up their answers into the group chat and send them as soon as the timer finishes (so you know they’re not cheating and looking up answers after time’s up!)

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  1. Pictionary 

    Use the site to play Pictionary! While you can’t screenshare (because it’ll show other players the sharer’s word), you can send the link in your video chat and keep the video on to react while playing together.


  2. Jigsaw puzzlesInvite your youth group to complete a puzzle online together!

  3. TriviaPlay a game of trivia in teams or individually. Another option besides Kahoot!

  4. ScattergoriesAnother way to play Scattergories, this time you can see everyone’s answers!

  5. CharadesUse this charades generator to play a game of charades so you don’t have to spend time listing your own. 8 categories available!

  6. CodenamesA fun board game you can now play online! Instructions here.



MORE games? Watch the videos below for some great ideas that don’t require web links!