As we make a gradual return back to office, attending Mass in person and face-to-face ministry, we carry with us both an excitement and an uncertainty about how quickly we can go back to “normal”.

A few weeks ago SCY hosted an Adoration night on the Vigil of the Feast of Corpus Christi which facilitated many post COVID-19 reunions and proved to be a beautiful night. Upon reflection of the evening, our team decided to develop a resource for leaders in parishes and youth groups to use for kickstarting ministry events in this season back to a ‘new normal’.

So this week, we wanted to share some tips and links for kickstarting ministry events from COVID-19 to ‘new normal’:

1. How to Kickstart Ministry Events as COVID-19 restrictions ease

A SCY developed resource that acts as a guide only for kickstarting ministry events during a transition back to face-to-face ministry.


2. Evaluating our COVID-19 ministry 

A resource to help leaders and leadership teams to evaluate their ministry during COVID-19 that allows for further discussion on the transition to face-to-face ministry. This resource was inspired by SCY’s Think Tank earlier this month.


3. From COVID-19 to ‘new normal’

At SCY’s Think Tank on June 17, a group of youth ministers discussed the topic of From COVID-19 to ‘new normal’. During this discussion we workshopped 3 big questions that came to light when people shared about their COVID-19 ministry experiences. See an answer summary below.