Your parish may already be live streaming Masses, so you might want to collaborate with your parish priest to live stream your youth group sessions, so not only your youth can tune into, but the whole parish community too, including parents of current and potential youth group members.

This can be a safer option than Zoom, especially if you do not yet have written permission to connect online with youth who are under 18.


This PDF guide created for parishes to livestream their Masses can also be helpful for you and your youth ministry.

There are also a number of free web-based livestreaming services that make it easy to go Live on Facebook or Youtube:


Benefits of livestreaming:

  • Reach the wider parish community, including parents (who are vital to engage with when it comes to U18s youth ministry)
  • Reach young people who may be hesitant to join youth group
  • Reach young people who may not go to church at all

Weaknesses of livestreaming:

  • Limited opportunity to engage and interact (though still possible through features like live comments and polls)
  • Diminishes the ability to connect and develop our personal relationships


You may wish to use a mix of livestreaming and Group Video calls for your youth ministry schedule.


If Live streaming is not an option, you can share around the existing Live Streams happening in Sydney and around the country and world.

Here’s a list of live streams we recommend:

St Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney

A comprehensive list of Sydney Archdiocese Livestream Masses can be found here:

Our Lady of Lebanon Co-Cathedral (Maronite)

Shalom World – Daily Mass from around the world

Rosary with the Immaculata Sisters and Brothers – 10am Daily