As many youth groups are starting to meet back in person, we’re sharing with you 5 social distancing GAMES!


1. Follow the leader

Everyone stands spread out in a circle. One person is chosen to leave the room. When they are gone the group picks a leader who will “lead” actions that everyone else has to follow. The person outside returns and stands in the middle of the circle while the leader leads a continuous series of actions. The person inside the circle has to guess who the leader is.

How to video:​

2. So Rah 

Some might also know this as the game ‘Bang’. An energetic game that requires no equipment or preparation.


3. Raw Toast

One of a kind game! In teams, players will try to guess the word/item from a “different” way of describing something they all know. For example; Description is ‘Water with corners’. Answer is “Ice”. Points are tallied (some are worth more than others based on difficulty). You’ll need only a projector, pen and paper.

Presentation here:

4. Pair-a-dox

Players need to find their “pair”/ “partner” from famous personalities (you could also add some pairs from scripture or of Saints). For example; Sts Francis and Clare, Mary and Joseph. Players will have names taped to their back while they try to find out who they are by going around asking yes or no questions to the group. Once they discover themselves, they must find their pair. First to find their pair wins!


5. Dodgeball

Play a traditional game of dodgeball but to keep it COVID safe, make sure each player wears gloves and ensure there is a plan to clean all the equipment used.