Stay in touch with the members of your youth group via e-mail and your social media pages.

Help them stay connected to their faith by giving them ideas for using their time at home.

  • Daily or Weekly Prayers: Sending your youth groups short prayers every day or week will encourage them to keep up a strong prayer life
  • Personal Reflections: Share with your youth how you’ve been using your ‘quarantine time’ and lead by example by keeping a good healthy routine which includes regular prayer
  • is offering a free 40 day subscription for non-members in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. Formed is like a ‘Catholic Netflix’ – you’ll have access to many movies, TV series, documentaries, books and study programs that you could use as a resource for you and your youth. Give them more wholesome ideas for binging movies or get them to study a topic to present at your next online meeting –
  • Podcasts: The Furnace is a new podcast by our friend, Fr Josh Miechels, priest of the Emmanuel Community and Assistant Priest at Our Lady of the Rosary Fairfield. This is a great podcast for your youth groups – they’re ONLY 3 minutes each! Listen to the podcast here –
  • Competitions: Run a competition for your youth group to win small prizes. Ryde-Gladesville Catholic Youth have run a couple of competitions already – check out their Facebook Page for inspiration –