Run An Online Youth Group via Group Chats

Although physical gatherings have been restricted at this time, it doesn’t mean we have to stop meeting! Technology allows us to meet in a multitude of ways and group chats, especially with video calling, is a major way people are connecting during these pandemic/social distancing times.

Suggested Tools

Note: SCY or CAS are not affiliated with any of these organisations.

      Group video calling features (SCY recommended)


Safeguarding Tips

1. Ensure you have parent or carer’s permission to contact under 18s via web chat (contact should never be 1-1)

2. Check any private messaging options and disable this feature before starting

3. Make sure there are at least two adults in each video chat with under 18s

See our Safeguarding Online page for full details

Suggested Structure

1. Welcome! (and introductions, if necessary)
   Suggested time: 5 mins

2. Opening Prayer
   Suggested time: 5 mins

3. Optional: Song (during Opening or Closing Prayer)
   Suggested time: 5 mins



4. Ice breaker / Games
   Suggested time: 15 to 20 mins


5. Input – live talk, online resource, scripture
     Suggested time: 20 min maximum



6. Sharing (break into small groups, if over 10 people)
     Suggested time: 20 mins, 30 min maximum: give each person 2-5 minutes to share 


7. Closing Prayer


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Video: How to Run a Small Group Remotely by Ascension Presents

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