Sydney Catholic Youth (SCY) serves the commission of Christ to ‘go make disciples’, raising up and forming generations of young people to be intentional disciples, through an encounter and ever-growing relationship with Christ, in the midst of the Church, for the transformation of the world.


The ‘Purpose’ theme and branding is an overarching or common framework by which collaborative work between Sydney Catholic Youth and other archdiocesan agencies is recognised and promoted.

The name ‘Purpose’ was chosen for a few reasons:

  1. Question 1 of the YOUCAT states…‘For what purpose are we here on earth?’So… why are we here?The Church responds… We are here on earth in order to know and to love God, to do good according to his will, and to go someday to heaven.This very important question is something we ask at some stage in our life and it is our mission to help our young people come to answer this.
  2.  In recognition that one of the main issues we find amongst young people today, is that they do not have strong sense of purpose as individuals, nor do they understand the purpose of the things we believe and do as Catholics. We need to them to understand that everything we do as Catholics, regardless of whether it’s going to mass or confession, acts of charity or even building community, everything we do has a purpose and we have an obligation to share that with them, to bring a deeper sense of purpose and meaning into their lives.

In light of all this, every element and initiative of ‘Purpose’ aims to provide opportunities for young people to grow in their capacity to KNOW, LOVE and SERVE God and to KNOW, LOVE and SERVE others, which essentially is a fulfilment of the greatest commandment (to love God and others) as we journey to become missionary disciples.

Purpose is divided into a few different elements and streams.

There is a stream that will cater specifically to PRIMARY, HIGH, YOUNG ADULTS and one particular stream we are very excited about it our PURPOSE PATHWAYS stream, which aims to capture high school leavers and help to transition them from school to post school life, in hope that they continue to be engaged with the life of Church and become influential Catholic leaders.

Six Foundations

The Purpose Mission Pathway encompasses the following six key foundations that we believe help young people come into a deeper relationship with Christ:




A Pathway of Mission through Collaboration

These six foundations are embedded in the following Pathway of Mission that Sydney Catholic Youth seeks to provide and support in collaboration with parishes, movements and their youth and young adult groups, deaneries, other teams of the Sydney Centre for Evangelisation, and other agencies of the Archdiocese of Sydney, most especially Sydney Catholic Schools and university chaplaincies.

Making the Connections

Developing continuity between these various aspects of evangelisation will provide the flexibility of multiple entry points for young people into the life of the Gospel and the Church, while presenting next steps by which participants can move from one stage of discipleship to another in the context of the communities of the Church (school, parish, university and vocational spheres).

The Five Patron Saints of SCY

St Raphael the Archangel
The Archangel who dedicates himself the care and healing and protection of young people, as we read in the book of Tobit. We ask St Raphael together with the Guardian Angels of the young people of Sydney to guide and protect us each day. Who wouldn’t want an Archangel as a Patron.
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