17 Jun

Restore: The Iron & The Forge


“Iron sharpens iron, as one man sharpens another”.. so the proverb goes. If this idea of ‘iron sharpening iron’ can be applied to friendship, then community is the forge in which we each are sharpened, improved, and bettered.

Why do we need community? As social beings, in general, we crave connection and fear isolation. In a world more disconnected than ever, the challenge for our generation is to go about this ancient thing called ‘community’ in a whole new way.

– Why should I live a communal life? Why can’t I just go about my business without getting involved with other people?
– What does it even mean to live as a communion of persons?
– Can I live a communal life without actually living with others?
– How can community improve my life?

This month’s Restore night will address all these questions and more!

Live music starts at 6:30pm
Talk starts at 7pm, followed by Q&A


This month we’re at a special location, Sumner House in Lidcombe – a new venture for Sydney’s young people to gather in a new hub for community and personal development. It’s a men’s house for vocational discernment, but it’s also so much more.

A barbecue and hot drinks will be served – please bring cash to donate to the food efforts!


The Culture Project is a missionary movement of young people setting out to restore our culture to one where every single person is seen as someone to be loved – never an object to be used. Our wider young adult community comes together once a month to share life and get formed in one area of restoring our culture.

See you there!

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FR BENEDICT MACKENZIE, FSF is a member of the Australian Franciscan Reform community the Friars of St Francis. Born & raised in Western Sydney, he obtained his Bachelor of Sacred Theology in 2013 & was ordained in 2014. He is currently engaged in youth ministry & as a part-time university chaplain, as well as serving as an assistant priest at St Bernadette’s Parish, Dundas Valley.

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