The Culture Project Australia is a movement of young people cultivating hope in our own generation through the experience of authentic love.

The Culture Project envisions a world where the dignity of the human person is at the forefront of every relationship, law, and societal structure. A place where passion for fidelity glues husbands to wives, fathers to mothers, and parents to children. A culture that fosters total human flourishing in the context of strong relationships and strong families. A world where the beauty of our sexuality is upheld and love is not cheapened by ugly counterfeits. A culture where people are honest with their struggle, share stories to strengthen solidarity among their community, and reject isolation on our paths to greatness.

It was a movement started years ago in the US when a group of friends came together and shared a common experience and from that experience a shared dream. In December 2014, The Culture Project extended to Australia and the mission here began.

There are currently six full-time missionaries and a group of volunteers who serve in the Australian movement. They go into high schools, youth camps, youth groups and universities to spread this message of authentic love. They also have a monthly Restore night where young adults come together for food, fellowship and to listen to a speaker on a topic.

Applications for the 2020 Missionary Team are open now –

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Posted by The Culture Project Australia on Thursday, 9 May 2019