In any building project, about a third of the time is spent in the planning, another third of the time is spent setting the foundations, and the final third is spent building the structure.

This should be the basic structure of any project of ministry or evangelisation. No matter how often we say that we are being guided by the Holy Spirit, most of the time we are just following a formula or program. We need to learn how to ask the right questions so that we can discover where the Spirit is really leading us. 

One of the first questions we need to ask ourselves is “what is my why?”

We need to know why we are doing this. If you ask most people why they evangelise, they will give an answer which has the word ‘should’. This means that our actions are based on a series of ‘competing shoulds’. Your ‘why’ needs to be something personal (as we see in the story of the Good Samaritan).

Is there something in your personal story which connects with their story and will motivate you to make a change?

If a person does not have a monetary incentive, then there is a good chance that their motivation will be based on personal reputation. Any organisation which is run by volunteers runs the risk of people trying to build personal legacies. Our ‘why’ is often based on a deep insecurity and need to prove ourselves.

To follow a long term plan, you need to have a very deep reason why you are there to keep you going. 


  1. Why have I said ‘yes’ to serving in ministry?
  2. What is my motivation for saying ‘yes’?
  3. How does my own story tie into my ‘why’?