Sydney Catholic Youth focuses on giving young adults at any faith level, opportunities to encounter Christ. We provide entry point events to give young adults a chance to be connected to the faith without a high level of commitment. For those that are more engaged with their faith, SCY engages them in mission opportunities whilst providing them with intentional formation and community. 


Key Initiatives 

Upper Room

A bi-monthly gathering of young adults in the Sydney Archdiocese. It is a great opportunity to share the faith as well as network with other like-minded young adults in an intentional setting.



A fortnightly prayer meeting for young adults in the Sydney Archdiocese. Households are hosted on a rotational basis at each members house. It provides consistent and constant accountability and community for leadership, faith and human formation.


Adoration Nights


A worship and prayer gathering happening every quarter of the year. The main focus is to provide our young adults and families with an opportunity to meet Christ in Adoration. A talk by a guest speaker is given before Adoration to put participants in the right disposition for prayer. It is usually followed up by young adults going to the local pub for a meet and greet.


Archbishop/Bishop Dinners

An annual dinner hosted by the Archbishop or Bishop of the Archdiocese of Sydney. The night gives the  young adults connected to the SCY Community a chance to meet the leadership of the Church and to ask questions on pressing issues they face.


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