Forming the next generation of leaders for the Catholic Church is one of the key goals of Sydney Catholic Youth. We achieve this by focusing on forming our young adults to be:

A Youth Leader who Loves God and The Church:

-The ability to articulate their relationship with Christ and how he is working in their life

-A deep prayer life and the ability to discern the movement of the Holy Spirit in their life

-An understanding of the dignity of the human person

-An understanding of the churches role in helping human beings flourish 

– An understanding of the difference between falling in love and falling in line


A Youth Leaders who Loves the Unchurched:

-A focus on people rather than programs

-Understanding of cultural trends and influencing factors that young people face

-Understanding on the Importance of Hospitality and Encounter

-An Understanding of the disposition of a person heart and the thresholds for conversion


A Youth Leader who is Professionally Aware:

-The vision to see Youth Ministry not as an add on to Parish life but essential to the flourishing of the Parish’s mission

-A professional approach to their ministry with a clear plan and can set clear goals in line with the vision for the ministry

-The ability to be organised and is able to prioritise tasks in line with what it best for the ministry

-The understanding of personal boundaries and the importance of their example as a role model to their young people

-The ability to clearly communicate with their team and the youth in their parish


Key Initiatives 

Traiblazer Workshops

A practical and skill-based ministry workshop that provides important advice and techniques for current and coming youth leaders to thrive in their service. It occurs every quarter of the year with a wide range of topics that help refresh and develop youth ministers.


Youth Leaders Evangelisation School

An annual young adults retreat that helps form young leaders in the Church. Provides a wide range of formation to help equip young adults to be great leaders intellectually, spiritually, pastorally and as human persons. YLES has a community-based approach in its execution so that the young adults experience the power of intentionality and accountability in the journey towards discipleship.


1-2-1 Mentoring and Catch-ups

Sessions occur throughout the year where young adults meet with a SCY Team Member to discuss questions they may have about their faith and ministry. 1-2-1 Mentoring has the main focus of building up young adults to be future leaders of the Church whilst our catch-ups are a chance to check-up on the wellbeing of the young adult.

Formation talks to parishes/youth groups/ young adult groups/ communities etc.

This occurs through a request-basis where the SCY Team will provide any formation talks, retreats and experiences that will help form youth leaders specifically to the needs of the requesting group.

If you would like to book the SCY Team for any formational opportunities for your youth leaders, please contact us on